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Greatest Challenges Of Disabled Singles

Dating itself can turn out to be a challenge for singles, and it can only get tougher for disabled singles. There are many reasons for this. We will look at a few of these reasons here.


For those who are disabled, it is definitely hard to date as they are insecure and wonder if there is actually someone looking for them. But this does not have to be the case. Remember, what matters is the person inside. It is the spirit of the person that really matters. As you get to know each other, these feelings of insecurity will go away. In fact, having a disability can lead a person to become much stronger due to being forced to confront a painful reality.

Do not try to lean on your date

For disabled singles, it can be quite tempting to seek out a person they can lean on. They will be looking for someone who will take care of them and help them. But relationships seldom work this way. Eventually the other person will tire out of fulfilling all such expectations. Besides, a person with disability will not be happy with a person who is feeling sorry for him/her. Like anyone else, they are looking for a person who finds them interesting and desirable.

Adjustments To Be Made

This is a reality which needs to be faced by both the partners. It is a real challenge to maintain a relationship as there would be limits faced by one partner. These include limits on where they can go and what kind of activities they can do while out on dates. It could be something as simple as climbing a steep flight of stairs. In fact, this may even mean that activities or places really enjoyed by one partner become simply inaccessible now! This is not easy for both the partners!

Focus On Disability

Even if you are comfortable with your disability, the other partner may not be. It requires time, patience and understanding. It is not easy to have a romantic relationship if the partner is having a condescending attitude all the time. But this can easily be rectified. Just note that the other person needs time to get comfortable with you and your disability. This would require some support from your side too. Slowly change the focus of your relationship from your disability to you as a person. Once this happens, things will start looking much brighter and happier.

But what needs to be remembered here now is that all relationships face problems. These would require adjustments as well as negotiations. It is just that sometimes the problems are more clear and visible to all, but everyone faces issues in relationships. So rather than focusing on these challenges, it is time to move on and look at your achievements. There is a lot more to you than just your disability. If you can see your positive traits clearly, others will too, sooner or later.