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5 Winning Strategies To Use For Dating With Disabilities

You can be a winner even if you are dating with disabilities. Just keep the following strategies in mind.

Be creative with your profile

Think hard about what you want to say. Share some fun facts. Do note that these are great conversation starters too. Portray your fun side. Talk about what you enjoy doing the most. Say some original and unique facts about yourself. Perhaps you love turtles as pets!
Be positive always. Note that positive dating profiles will get more responses. Then state what kind of person you are looking to date.
Post a good, happy and smiling photo of yourself. Make sure that the picture actually looks like you, and is a current one.
Now you need to talk about your disability too. Do not talk about it in such a way that people begin to pity you. You may even try to add some humor here. Do not avoid this section as these dating sites for disabled are a safe space to share information about your disability. Do not shy away from this space.

Never Lie

You can choose what to post, and what you do not want to post. But make sure that you only write real and honest stuff. Do remember that at some point time you will want to meet the other person and the truth will come out. So do not lie if you are looking for real and genuine connections with the other dating site members.
Be frank with the other members about what you are looking for. If you are looking for a serious relationship then say that. You do not have to forget the fact that you are on this online dating site as you wish to draw the attention of other members. So take time to think and fill out your profile properly.
You can even post your photo in a wheelchair, with crutches, or some sort of prosthetic. There is no need to be embarrassed here.

Pick Activity Ideas With Care

In case you decide to finally meet up with another disabled member for a date, you need to choose your first date activities with care. Make sure the location and activity is suitable enough. The place must be wheelchair accessible. See if the activities you are planning can be done easily even with physical restriction or disability. You also need to keep the expense in mind..

Do Not Talk About Your Disability Only

You are a lot concerned about your disability. But there is so much more to life. Enjoy your date. Have fun. Talk, laugh, come alive. Do not talk about your limitations and challenges all the time.

Talk About Your Positive Aspects

You are a special and unique person. Let the other person know all about this aspect of yours. Do note that this may interest your partner more and your disability may just move to the background.

Just keep these strategies in mind and have a wonderful dating experience!