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5 Things You Need to Know About Handicapped Dating

There is no doubt about the fact that dating with disabilities will always present demands that are usually not faced by the majority of people. But lots of men and women have discovered that these challenges can be understood and met in case you are ready to cross the boundary.

The Heart And Body Are Different

Even for a person with disability, the heart works like anybody else’s. you need to know thatromantic love is basedon intangible qualities that are not affected by the disability of a person. These qualities can be loyalty, humor, kindness, understanding or forgiveness and so on. All these are not impacted by any kind of bodily limitations. In the world of love and romance, the inner qualities far outweigh the external appearance.

Know About The Limitations Imposed While Dating Someone With Disabilities

You need to be realistic here. While planning your dates, you need to account for the realities linked with the disability. You need to be honest here with yourself as well as with the other person about the limitations that a disability may bring to your relationship. You will need to step out of your comfort zone here. Just be factual and understanding here. A little kindness can go a long way. You may not be able to visit restaurants with stairs or go for boating, and so on. Just be aware and plan things in a way that are comfortable to both.


You need to openly discuss everything about the disability and the physical and emotional challenges to be faced by you as a couple. Note that the most common and the most destructive disability in dating is lack of communication. It will always be awkward in the beginning to talk about any disability, but slowly you will both get used to it. Also, avoiding the subject will not take you very far as this thought will always be lingering at the back of your mind, and will manifest itself in some form or the other.

Keep Your Heart Wide Open

There are times when romantic attraction may lead to life-long love. You need to keep your eyes open and embrace love with all your heart. Once that happens, issues like disability, inconvenience, social stigma will cease to matter.

Accept And Respect The Person With Disability

Think beyond the disability. Know why you are with the person in the first place. Remember what attracted you to the person initially. Keep the disability part in the background. Once you focus on the positive aspects of the relationship, life will become much simpler and happier.
Just note that there is a lot in your relationship besides the disability. Try and make the most of your life with these thoughts. Do note that there would be challenges due to the disability, but you had stepped into this with your eyes open. So go ahead and make the most of this beautiful and long relationship!