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Effective Strategies For Disability Dating

People tend to be careful and even distant when they even think about dating someone with a disability. But things are changing today. As times are changing, so are people’s views on disability dating.

Be Honest

Your disability may be a cause of concern, but not something to feel awkward about. It would be great if you can share about your disability at the first go. But this does not mean that your first statement after your handshake is about your disability. It is not only what you say, but how you say it. So after you reach a level of comfort with the other person, you need to get honest and talk about your disability. Never let the other person feel that you were trying to hide anything from him/her. In case of disability dating, it is all about when to say it. In case you say it too soon, you feel that you are taking away the chance from the other person of knowing you even a little bit. And in case you wait too long, it gets more and more difficult to disclose. This is because you start dreading the thought of losing the other person due to your disability. But only you can decide the right time to disclose the facts.
Be natural and add some humor to it. Rather than sharing an awkward space, some funny lines can help to lighten the situation. The important thing here is to be honest. After all, it is better to have everything out in the open than having this thought nagging you all the time. You would never be comfortable in case you are not disclosing this fact to the other person.

Enjoy Your Individuality

The most important thing here is to be positive. There is no point in thinking about your disability all the time. You are an individual too. Think about your positive aspects. There is a lot in you which is lacking in others. Just think of what makes you unique and exceptional. Note that people love those who love themselves first. In case you are focusing on your disability all the time, so will the others. Be happy, cheerful and have a positive outlook. Nothing can be more attractive than this. Bring out all your positive aspects in front of the other person. Do note that things like kindness, intellect, cheerfulness, positive attitude and such other aspects can far outweigh disability of any kind. Never give the impression that you are emotionally unhealthy. Even your disability dating profile should depict that. Do note that there cannot be a bigger turn-off than negativity. Portray yourself as an interesting person so that people want to know you more.

Do note that disability dating is all about getting on with your life. Do not let your disability or your attitude about it keep you down. Just be open and honest about yourself. Once this happens, you would feel comfortable and be ready to take on the world!